Amazing Space Management

    SpaceFace is a cloud-based space manager software for self storage facilities.

    Simple to use at low cost

    Get started today for free with no time limits - our system can be deployed alongside any existing software.

    Effortless. Convenient.

    SpaceFace is simple to use - no training for staff is required. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using any device - whether thats a PC, tablet or mobile.

    Want to sign up a customer and give them access to your facility without you being there? With SpaceFace this is a breeze.

    Access System Controls

    Integrates with 3rd party systems for automation of customer access

    Payments Gateway

    Automatically take online monthly payments from your customers

    Multiple Site Management

    Easily add new facilities and units

    Simple Transparent Pricing

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    • Limited to 1 site / 15 units
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    Transparent pricing
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    Setup fee
    £0 SAP Client Licence £126
    SAP Server Licence £126
    Two day installation £1500
    Server machine ~£1000

    Monthly fee
    £75 SM Lite Licence £120
    Payments module £18
    SAP Client Maintenance £2.75
    SAP Server Maintenance £2.75

    Additional user
    £50 2nd Licence (per month) £162
    SAP User Licence (one off) £126
    SAP Maintenance (per month) £2.75
    2nd BACS Licence (per month) £18

    £182.75 + £126


    Locked to an application on a PC
    Platform independent
    Windows, Mac iOS, Android, ChromeOS
    Only works specific versions of Windows
    Intuitive design - easy for staff to operate, cannot be broken Two day in person training mandatory (@£1500). System complex to operate and requires manufacturer intervention to revert mistakes
    Free Limited free, then charge/hour
    Prices checked 2023